Conference Wear Advice

It’s not that hard for you to pack for a vacation as usually all you need are shorts, shirts, and sandals. Basically anything goes. What about for a business conference? More thought is needed to get the right outfit for that occasion. Men have an easier go of it just packing suits and nobody usually notices if they wear the same suit for the whole three days. However, it’s important that women wear different things for each day of the conference.

One thing that is of utmost importance in order to avoid embarrassment is modesty. Make sure the outfits you pick are not too short and don’t show too much skin. You want to be taken seriously and professionally. Avoid slits in the skirts if you can. A good length of skirt brought should be at the knees when you sit or below the knees. Above that, and you’re asking for trouble. Avoid shirts that are strapless or that have spaghetti straps unless covered by a suit during the whole conference. If short, it’s tempting to wear very high heels, but get reasonably high heels that are comfortable to walk on. You don’t want to be limping the whole time and not be able to concentrate on the events happening during the conference. Stillettos are a no-no. If you really want to be comfortable, bring a pair of fashionable flats. Black or tan colored flats usually pair best with all sorts of clothing choices. It’s good to wear hidden shoe linings for the flats so when you sweat, it will absorb it and your foot sweat will not ruin your shoes. Here are some clothing combinations that you can wear for a three-day conference.

Day One
Black pants (not jean material)
Any color blouse
Blazer to match

Day Two
Flats (You can use the same ones as day one.)
Any color shirt
Jacket to match the shirt

Day Three
Heels (You can wear the same flats as the other days)
Dress (Black dress or any modest business-like dress you have. Usually solid colours are a good choice.)

After conference hours
Shoes for whatever weather (If summer bring sandals or runners if you like to exercise while on a trip.)
Swimsuit (If there is a pool in your hotel or a beach nearby.)
A pair of sleeping clothes
A jumper if the weather is cold
A scarf and hat if you will walk in the sunshine
Two sets of nice casual clothes for sight-seeing if you have time.

If you don’t have a lot of room in your luggage for clothes, just bring two sets of casual clothes as you can wear one while the other is washed and dried. You can usually do laundry just about anywhere in the world and you can get it done within 24 hours. If you had to choose just one pair of shoes for a trip, bring nice-looking flats as they can be worn with formal-wear for conferences and outside for casual outings. Hotels usually provide sandals for showering and walking in the rooms. If you can only bring minimal clothing, bring a black suit and skirt but three different colored shirts. Just wear a different shirt each day. Pair any clothing with a tiny wrist watch and stud earrings, and you’re set.

If your business has a conference and the conference area needs air conditioning, visit to get air conditioning installed to make sure all your conference guests are cool and comfortable and you won’t be too sweaty in your suit.

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