Digital Asset Management

Reflections and Opportunities – A Note from the Chair

To the entire Henry Stewart DAM community – users, vendors, consultants and academics:

While busy planning the conferences for 2012 I have taken a few moments to reflect on the community we convened over this past year.

I had the opportunity, through our four conferences, to interact with more than one thousand professionals involved, in some way or other, with digital asset management. While I did not quite get to talk with each of you individually, your collective commitment to putting DAM to work everyday was apparent. DAM reached many new horizons in 2011 and continued to grow throughout the year. Our community contains individuals with so many different roles – DAM managers and staff, consultants who help with everything from strategy to the intricacies of application integrations, vendors who commit their companies and resources to providing software and partners who contribute in so many ways – librarians, brand managers, marketing staff, academics, IT professionals to name a few. Together, during the past year, we explored the implications of DAM for all of these roles.

In our recent Los Angeles meeting, we spent some productive (and fun) time in small groups defining – as a community – critical issues and concerns. Your insights, shared in this session and in other similar talks with us, are helping to define our conference tracks and themes for 2012. I am pleased that during the coming year we will have even more opportunities for small group working sessions.These gatherings are something our community needs for problem-solving discussions, complementing the insights gained from best practices panelists and keynote presentations.

The reach of digital asset management extends further than ever before. The value of digital assets, and the importance of their management by dedicated individuals, is increasingly recognized. We now have “Vice President for Digital Assets” as a job title. We have maturing enterprise concerns and aspirations about governance, adoption, metrics, and sophisticated workflow automation. We’re also seeing welcome trends in metadata management and rights governance.

As we reflect on the progress during the past year, we look forwardto a coming year of growth and innovation – of increasing opportunities for our DAM community. We look forward to serving all members of the DAM community in taking full advantage these opportunities.

For all of your insights, convivial spirit, feedback and engagement – thank you.

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