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Good Behaviors To Display At Business Conferences To Prevent Dismissal

If you’re new to the world of business conferences, you’re likely very nervous when going to your first one. How should you act? Anderson Gray Brisbane who has had experience with many of its lawyers attending conferences offers some tips on how to successfully conduct yourself at business conferences so you won’t get kicked out or leaving unsuccessful from the conference.

1. It is unavoidable that you’ll meet new people at conferences. For most new introductions, a firm or light handshake and good eye contact is in order. Make sure you are familiar with certain customs of people that are going to be at the conference. For example, the Japanese like to bow rather than shake hands. With foreigners though they will shake hands. In some lands, introductions to people of the opposite sex are different so know those customs well in advance of the conference. To greet people, you might need to use just their first and last names or use their titles.

2. It’s important to dress your best business-wise when attending a business conference. It’s not the time to bring out your baby-blue suit. Dark suits with a blue or purple shirt and matching ties will do fine for men. For women, suits with dress pants or and modest skirts are perfect. Men and women should be groomed well. Women should put on neutral makeup. Comfortable but stylish and functional shoes should also be worn. Not-too-flashy jewelry are fine.

3. Don’t forget to have all the materials you need for the conference like notebooks, tablets, business cards, or computers if needed. Conferences are a good time to connect with other people in your area of business to learn new ideas and methods to help your business thrive and stay relevant.

4. Be punctual and show up for all the days of the conference that is required. You want to leave a good impression on others and show how organized and reliable you are by your actions at the conference.

5. Be mindful of your manners. It is never good to be rude even if you’re not at a conference. Know the culture and manners that are considered good if the conference you’re going to is not in your home region or country.

6. For some cultures, it’s just as important to socialize at mealtimes or even after conference hours with potential business partners and with current business partners. Don’t just stay in one corner or at the same spot all the time during the conference. Work the room. Get cultured by reading and taking in useful information through other means so that you’ll have things to contribute in conversation over lunch or dinner.